Greg Most put in some work to give you a taste of the Soul Happening sounds that will be filling Sahara Lounge this Friday night May 22.  We suggest showing up around 10pm and wearing your favorite dance shoes. 

  1. Josephine Taylor - Ordinary Guy 
  2. Marvin Gaye - More Than A Heart Can Stand
  3. Jimmy Preacher Ellis - I Just Wanna Be Myself
  4. Dee Edwards - A Girl Can't Go By What She Hears
  5. Blue Rhythm Combo - Take The Funky Feeling
  6. All Stars - The Saints
  7. Jesse - Anderson - I've Got a Problem
  8. Preston Love - Chicken Gumbo
  9. Dawn and Sunset - Move In The Room
  10. Ruby Andrews - You Made A Believer (Out Of Me)
  11. Otis Clay -Got To Find A Way
  12. The Mohawks - Give Me Some
  13. Marva Whitney - It's My Thing
  14. Jessica Lauren Four - The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom 
  15. Sly & the Family Stone - Trip to your heart
  16. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Easily Persuaded
  17. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time
  18. Harold Mabern - I Want You Back
  19. Hugh Maskela - I Can't Dance
  20. I'm Not Ready for Love - Promise
  21. Lee Fields - Funky Screw
  22. Soul Partners - Spead
  23. Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got What You Need
  24. Sir Guy - I Need You Baby
  25. L.A.Carnival - blind man
  26. Stark Reality - Too Much Tenderness
  27. Grant Green - We've Only Just Begun
AuthorWill Deloney

Rainy Days here in Austin, and the heat is coming in at the same speed of LA and NYC transplants.  Did you get your taxes done?  If your'e feeling a little down from the MAN, traffic, and the weather; this mix should help lift your spirits.  A proper dose of 90's hip hop cures all.  That and Greg Most working the turn tables.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy.  

  1. Scum - Takin' No Shorts
  2. Krumbsnatcha - Gettin Closer to God
  3. D'Angelo - Devil's Pie
  4. Sadat-x - you canĀ“t deny
  5. Reflection Eternal feat. Te' - The Human Element
  6. grand.the visitor - The Visitor (Situation Critical)
  7. MF Doom - Greenbacks (Original 12" Version)
  8. MF Grimm - Landslide [Original]
  9. Foreign Legion - Full Time B-Boy
  10. Kardinal Offishall - U R Ghetto When
  11. The Originators feat BIG L - Platinum Plus Remix
  12. Mos Def Feat. Q-Tip & Tash - Body Rock
  13. Soul Supreme feat Reks & Noel - Still Searchin'
  14. De La Soul - Hold Tight (Remix)
  15. Mission feat. Mia Doi Todd - Home (produced by PUTS Thes One)
  16. Heavy Hitters - Secrets feat.Gbassa
  17. The X-Ecutioners - Word Play
  18. Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers
AuthorWill Deloney

Mix of soul, jazz, reggae, latin, and weird vinyl.

  1. Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Rhythm Band - High As Apple Pie Slice II
  2. Scientist - Ghost of Frankenstein
  3. The Impressions - Love's Happening
  4. Artie White - Gimme Some Of Yours
  5. Larry Coryell - Beautiful Woman
  6. Jimi Hendrix - Level
  7. Ahmed Abdul Malik - Hannibal's Carnivals
  8. Sun Ra - Impromptu Festival
  9. Faust - It's a bit of pain
  10. John Lee Hooker and Robert Cray - Baby Lee
  11. Lee Morgan - Raggedy Ann
  12. Bob Marley - Selassie is the Chapel
  13. Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby - Full Dose Of Dub
  14. Lee Perry and The Upsetters - Return Of The Super Ape 
  15. Tony Ronald - Summertime
  16. Marquez - Melao
AuthorWill Deloney
Photo Credit John Clark

Photo Credit John Clark

RZA speaks on of how he went from being a 13 year old skipping school watching movies in Time Square with ODB to Directing his own Kung Fu flick Man with the Iron Fists  From Enter the 36 Chambers where RZA tried to tell a visual story before the days of DVDs, to scoring Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog, and finally becoming a mentor under Quentin Taratino to learn the craft of filmmaking;, RZA expounds on how the student has became the master.

AuthorWill Deloney