20 Hertz: A documentary about bass and low Frequency sounds

For over 13 years now...

A rough cut screener has been circulated on bootleg DVDs, but underground Hip Hop heads and bass enthusiasts alike will be happy to hear that they can readily view the much sought after film, 20 Hertz online.  

What started as a Master's thesis to complete a degree in 2004, became a life long obsession for documentary filmmaker Will Deloney and his friends. Since completing graduate school the production team, Pixelated Ideas, continued conducting interviews and collecting footage about bass and low frequency sounds as part of an ongoing passion project.   Primarily shot on mini-DV, the film has now amassed over 100 hours of interviews, performances, and jaw dropping examples of bass.  Due to production starting before the days of HD cameras, affordable hard drives, and YouTube, managing the project over time has been a challenge.  Daisy chaining an army of old hard drives into crash happy Final Cut 7 would be enough to make most filmmakers give up.  Not us; we couldn't leave our low end friends hanging. 

Will Deloney has continued making documentaries, and now owns and operates Pixelated Ideas full time. Check out some of the more recent films or just say hello.  He'd love to hear from you.

Co-Director and Producer Ricky de Laveaga is still obsessed with bass and internet security. You can find him frequenting hip hop shows on the West Coast with his laptop in his back pack.